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10 TIME TRAVELERS – That May Have Been Caught on Tape

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Here are ten Time Travelers that may have been caught on tape number 1 is the unknown demonstration this video is uploaded and 12 and features a man showing his pictures he received from his uncle the pictures are very strange because even though he received them in 2012 that shows pictures of a demonstration occurring in 2016 the route will be protesting against some kind of time-travel program and focuses on one specific politician at first it was believed that he was going to be some kind of a presidential candidate but we know now that that is not the case and the year is of course currently 2016 so if this demonstration is going to happen it’s Gotta happen soon number two is the boxing fan in the 1995 boxing match between

Mike Tyson and Peter McNeeley and audience member can be seen holding a very strange-looking device it appears that this man is recording the match with a smartphone obviously smartphones didn’t exist and I 1895 and camera phones where do you have until 2000 the video was uploaded to YouTube and it blew up getting around five million views a lot of people claimed it was a 1995 Casio camera but people that responded to this by stating that the colors are 100% similar and also asking the question why would you record vertically but to be honest why does anyone record for Italy number 3 is faster than this event took place in Uruguay at a football match that was being broadcasted live when it goes to a long shot of the crowd and the field that

Person in the crowd can be seen running at an incredibly fast rate a lot of people have speculated that this is fake and even if it was real people have stated that this would not constantly traveling through time however the person running is seemingly running through actual people at certain Believers of time travel have stated that this is actually would happen if someone were to travel through time number for is the Chaplin Time Traveler Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 movie The Circus there’s a very interesting scene that went on to Cops to get millions of viewers this is because in one scene a woman walks by and appears to be holding a cell phone she’s using the same mannerisms that someone on the phone would use and she also has to be talking into it now obviously cell phones didn’t exist in the 19 twenties and they wouldn’t be invented for almost fifty years after this film was made so many people and as a sign that it was a time traveler from the future trying to send us a message to be honest

if that’s true The Time Traveler’s pretty clever I mean they would obviously have knowledge that job then we’ll go on to be one of the most iconic filmmakers in history so walking into one of those shots with a modern piece of technology is a pretty clever way of telling people that time travel is possible again not saying it’s true just saying smart thinking possible time traveler smart thinking number Angel videos of CCTV footage taken in Japan it appears as if a truck motorbike what the fuk just happened so this mysterious character apparently comes out of nowhere and saves them and I was about to get hit the truck driver gets out of his vehicle assuming that he is just hit someone and seems very shocked when he realizes I have the mysterious character quickly walked away from the scene leaving the truck driver on the motorcycle extremely confused there’s been a lot of speculation as to whether or not this is real but even if it is fake it’s very well-put-together number 6 is the Russian cyclist this video dinosaurs and the event in question is very quick however it is still very interesting so these two men are

talking to each other when a cyclist seemingly appears out of nowhere even when the guy talking is moving around the camera still doesn’t tell me what many people believe it’s just the camera angle that angle would be incredibly difficult to get right number 7 is the Phantom car this video is pretty similar to the one we just discussed except it is a lot harder to explain someone record eating footage from their dashboard picked up this incident which shows a car seemingly appearing out of town again people have tried to justify this with camera angles and not maybe a possibility except the driver in front of the camera reacts of this event as if the car did indeed pop out of nowhere number race is the man who found out how can you kissed is a man who claimed he went through a portal that was in his kitchen and met him Central course on the surface this seems like a crazy story that no one would believe we’ll talk and realize that nobody will believe him so we took a video with himself this could easily just trying to look alike except for the fact that they had the exact same tattoos it may be extremely unlikely but there are scientific theories that would be in this to be possible so who knows number 9 is the mysterious woman this footage is similar to

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